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Tiësto married his wife Annika Backes last year in an incredible wedding ceremony out in the desert of Utah, and now the two are expecting their first child together!The married couple made the announcement this morning. “Baby girl on the way,” wrote Annika on Instagram. Tiësto shared a photo of him seeing the baby’s first […]

In today’s terrifying Covid-19/Coronavirus news, the vice provost for global initiatives and director of the Healthcare Transformation Institute at the University of Pennsylvania; host of a new podcast about coronavirus, “Making the Call”; and author of the forthcoming book “Which Country Has the World’s Best Health Care?” Zeke Emmanuel has presented some daunting statements in a […]

With the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), SoundCloud is especially aware of the hard times that have fallen on musicians everywhere. That’s why the platform is linking up with Twitch for live video streaming capabilities. In the statement below, SoundCloud explains: To help you keep your career on track, we’re partnering with Twitch so all SoundCloud […]

The last couple years in EDM have seen a considerable amount of upheaval. DJs overall are being more open about their mental health, leading to inconsistent touring, as well as engendering them with a broader audience. New artists are making waves, main stage DJs are stagnating, and younger artists are showing their stamina and drive […]

Sakta börjar sommaren släppa taget över Sverige och vi glider allt mer in i hösten och färgernas årstid. Än finns det värme tidvis och gräset växer ännu. Vi på Pulsefm planerar inför kommande tid och vi fortsätter att uppdatera musikarkivet och vår mix med ny musik varje vecka. Vi hoppas du tycker det blir ett […]